Colours of Porphyry
Stratified Porphyry and Massive Porphyry



Stratified Porphyry – Natural surface
Porphyry with natural surface is obtained by quarries with very neat vertical clefts. Infiltration of different oxides between layers given to porphyry a natural mix coloration that includes red, brown, grey, violet, pink, yellow gold and rust. Porphyry with natural surface has therefore a mix colour and, on request, it is possible to select the tone between red/brown/yellow and grey/brown/violet. These photos gives an idea of the natural beauty of porphyry, with its different shades of colour.
Colour Mix
Colour Mix
Colour Mix Red
Colour Mix Red
Colour Mix Grey
Colour Mix Grey
∗∗Porphyry is a natural stone and as such its colours can change. These photos give only an approximate idea of the shades of colour available.

Massive Porphyry – Finished surface
Slabs from monolithic blocks have the characteristic of having a homogeneous shade of colour and a constant thickness. With this material it is possible to have the following finishes: sawn, polished, flamed, flamed and brushed. Porfidi Italia 2000 has always dedicated itself in finding new shades of colours all around the world. The last discoveries in the mineral field are for those who like rarities.
Rosso Real n.1
Grey Real n.2

On request

Heart Rosa Chiaro n.4

On request

Heart Rosa Cupo n.5

On request

Star Real n.6
Rosso Antico n.8
Rock Star n.9
Rosa Sar n.12
Grigio Verde Sar n.13
Marron Gardena n.14

On request

Grigio Cenere n.16
Imperial Grey n.17
Grigio Albiano n.18
∗∗Porphyry is a natural stone and for this reason its colour can vary. Images and samples are not engaging, but are used only to give an approximate idea of the porphyry colours.

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