Some of our direct and indirect works around the world:
Other works:

Greece, Chios Island-Private Villa: cubes, stairs, fountains, cut-to-size
Germany, Rudolfskirche-Church and square: porphyry massive steps, tiles
Malta, Gozo-Square and streets: porphyry tiles and crazy paving
Argentina, Buenos Aires-Exterior Casa Rosada-official seat of the government of Argentina: tiles with sawn sides
Australia, Sydney-Barangaroo - Headland Park: cubes and tiles
Australia, Brisbane-Arena Apartments: tiles with split sides
Australia, Perth-Private villa: flamed cubes 6/8x2cm
Hungary, Gödöllo-Grassalkovich Castle: cubes, kerbstones, tiles
Hungary, Budapest-Toth Arpad Setany - Castle District Budapest: tiles, cubes, steps
Hungary,Budapest-Tramway station and streets in the city centre
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah-KAUST King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: irregular slabs, tiles, stairs
France, Lyon-Bron Quartier
France, Chatou-Park: tiles and kerbs, cut-to-size
France, Montpellier-City centre and tramway: cubes, steps, tiles
USA, California North Hollywood-Private Villa: cubes, cut-to-size, steps, kerbs
UK, Hampstead-Private Villa
Russia, St.Petersburg: flamed porphyry tiles Grey Real and Rockstar
Russia, Moscow: flamed porphyry tiles Rosso Real
Qatar, Doha -Down Town DohaMusheireb: brown porphyry cubes and cut-to-size
Switzerland, Locarnostreets and square, city centre: tiles and kerbs
UK, Bury St Edmunds-Shimpling-Chadacre Hall
Austria, Innsbruck-Hungerburgbahn
Slovenia, Ljiubliana-City centre: tiles, kerbs, cut-to-size Marron Gardena
Germany, Ettlingen-Villa Albiker
Romania, Bistritza-city center
Italy, Renon-Bz-Collalbo church, square and streets
Italy, Klobenstein-Bz-Weidacherhof
Italy, Verona-Train station Largo Porta Nuova
Italy, Trento- General Cantore Square
Italy, Renon-Bz-Villa Loacker
Italy, Cremona-Sede a.n.a.f.i
Italy, Bolzano- Marconi Street, Bolzano Street and Palazzo Marconi
Italy, Madonna di Campiglio-Tn-Spinale Street
Italy, Castell'Arquato-Cascina Rustichella and Hotel Leon d'Oro
Italy, Trento- Galileo Galilei Street-Unicredit Bank
Italy, Bolzano-Telos Institut fur Psychologie & wirtschaft
Italy, Arzignano-Vi-Marconi Square
Italy, Tires-Bz-kindergarden, park and paths-Porphyry cubes and stairs
Italy, Tires-Bz-Hotel Paradiso
Italy, Termeno-Bz- Roner wine cellar
Italy, Ora-Bz-Galleria Ora
Italy, Selva Gardena-Bz-Nives Church
Italy, Giudecca-Ve-Casa Frollo
Italy, San Martin in Thurn Badia-Bz-City centre
Italy, Campo Tures-Bz-Hotel Cavallino, S.Leonardo di Predaces
Italy, Renon-Bz-Loacker - Pranzagerhof
Italy, Marlengo-Bz-Vivai Tutzer
Italy, Marlengo-Bz-Waldgasthof/ Waldhotel - Tann
Italy, Trento-Station of Trento, Pozzo Street
Italy, Arzignano-Vi-Marconi Square
Italy, Trento-Hospital-S.Chiara-Gardens of Psychiatrist
Italy, Pergine Valsugana-Tn-School Marie Curie-Park
Italy, S.Biagio di Callalta-Tv-Cemetery of S.Andrea Barbarano
Italy, Monte Berico-Vi-Villa Bisazza
Italy, Collepietra-Bz-EWZ Tschatscher
Italy, Pinzolo-Tn-Cableway Pinzolo-Cabinovia Pinzolo Pra Rodont
Italy, Rovereto-Tn-Casa Pergher
Italy, Bolzano-Edifici Provinciali Ex Alcoa, Via Volta,19 Bolzano - Polo tecnologico
Italy, Cognola-Tn-Kindergarten Marnighe
Italy, Caorle-Ve-Cemetery of Caorle
Italy, Renon-Bz-Hotel Union
Italy, Gambassi Terme-MS-streets: porphyry kerbs and tiles
Italy, Trento-Povo-Nuovo Centro Civico: porphyry flamed facing
Italy, Stava-Tn-center, streets, squares
Italy, Bolzano-Piazza della Vittoria Square: cubes and tiles
Italy, Folgaria-Tn-Sport center: flamed tiles and cut-to-size
Italy, Milano-Collegio San Carlo: flamed tiles
Italy, Ortisei-Bz-Val Gardena, City center
Italy, Ortisei-Bz-Zona pedonale Stetteneck, Adler Hotel, Cavallino Bianco Hotel, Stetteneck Hotel